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About Us

Charllotte always had a knack for cooking and loved it. She watched her mother manage many restaurants growing up and wanted to own a restaurant of her own one day.

I, Katelin, started my love of “being in charge” at a very young age. My parents had me help in their greenhouse where I earned 10% commission on every sale I made. From there, I knew I loved working with people.

In 2004, Charllotte and I met working at a restaurant called Warky’s located in Morden, MB.

From there we became life-long friends. In 2009, Warky’s opened a second location in Winkler and had Charllotte manage and me assist her. Charllotte’s love of her work shone brightly, getting one step closer to fulfilling her dream and in 2013, I decided this was the direction my life was headed as well.

As business partners and friends we have made our dreams come true together and look forward to a prosperous future in the restaurant business.

Fast forward to 5 years later and these 2 are still living out their dreams. Our dreams have evolved into something much larger now. Not only do we want to serve locally produced food to our community, we are focusing on building up the community through tourism and other local initiatives.