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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Do you offer Gluten-Friendly options?

YES! We have plenty of gluten-friendly options. Our beef burger recipe has NO GLUTEN in it! We offer a gluten-free bun as well as our fries are deep fried in a separate fryer so there is no cross contamination. However, people with severe allergies or Celiac should know that our facility does not have a separate area for cooking and some cross contamination may occur. We also have a wide variety of gluten-friendly dessert options as well.

2 - How did you come up with the name Charley B's?

We love this question! Charllotte's late grandmother used to call her Charley Brown when she was a munchkin and we decided to use the name as an ode to her. We think it has a much better ring to it than Katie L's anyway.

3 - Where does your beef come from for your burgers?

We pick up our beef freshly ground in the morning from Spenst Brothers Premium Meats. For those who don't know, Spenst Bros offers steroid and hormone free beef with no organs or preservatives.

4 - Why do I have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for my food?

In efforts to keep our food as fresh as possible, we only start to make it once you order it. Our 5 ounce all beef patties take anywhere from 13 to 17 minutes to cook to perfection. If you prefer not to wait here for your order, then feel free to call us at 204-331-3663 and have it ready when you get here!

5 - Can you accommodate large groups?

Our patio seats up to 72 people comfortably and the tables are moveable. If you would like us to cater an office lunch, we have done plenty of these in the past and would be happy to serve you at your work place.

6 - How long is your season?

This all depends on the snow. If it lingers, we will wait to open until we know we're in the clear. This can mean we open anywhere between March 1 and April 1. As for closing, again this depends on the snow. So that can mean anywhere between October 15 and November 15.

7 - Are your veggies organic?

Any veggies we get from The Potato Store are organic and locally grown. Which means you are eating organic French fries! Another note on fries, we use vegetable shortening as deep fryer oil and the potatoes we use for fries are chippers. The very same potatoes Old Dutch uses to make chips.

8 - What do you consider "local"?

We use products from all across Southern Manitoba. We call it spreading the love. We use butter from Notre Dame Creamery and buns from Manitou Bakery, honey from Steppler Farms and then in Winkler too. Coffee from Other Brother Roasters and pork from Winkler Meats.