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Local Partners

Bothwell Cheese
Bothwell Cheese is a Manitoba made, award winning cheese making company. They use ingredients no more than 100 km from New Bothwell. We think that is amazing and strive to do the same. Cheese for burgers and cheese for poutine. What more can we say, we love Bothwell Cheese!


The Blumenfeld Creamery
The Blumenfeld Creamery is a short 15 minute drive south of us. These guys use Jersey Cow dairy from their neighbours, they do not homogenize it, and then they pasteurize it using low temperatures. They even use glass bottles to help better the environment. We have partnered with them to create our Homemade Small Batch Hard Ice Cream.


Eco Plus Sanitation + Cleaning Supplies
We choose to partner with Eco Plus Sanitation because they share the same community building values as we do. These guys have top notch customer service and sell superior cleaning products. They help us keep Charley B's squeaky clean!


Winkler Co-op Grocery
Winkler Co-op Grocery is our stop for anything extra we need to serve you delicious food. The cool thing about these guys is that they sell a variety of the same local supplier foods that we use in store. So if we run out, we can stop here and pick it up. And don’t forget to chit chat with their wonderfully friendly staff… a 5 minute trip for milk should take an hour right?


D+M Farms
D+M Farms grows garden fresh fruit during Manitoba’s growing season for our ice cream creations. Frank and his family hand pick strawberries and raspberries for us to deck out our most popular Small Batch Hard Ice Cream, Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake.


Pic-a-Pop branded beverages come from an award winning beverage company called Canadian Gold beverages. These guys pump out delicious flavours of pop in Marchand, MB; 155 km from us. It’s pretty neat to be able to offer locally made soda pop.


Sunny Day Products
Sunny Day Products is a local Mexican food supply store that roasts seeds and nuts, and dries fruit and spices. We purchase freshly roasted nuts for our ice cream and an assortment of other items.


Other Brother Coffee
Other Brother Roasters is a local coffee roaster that roasts and grinds multiple flavours of specialty beans. We brew a hot cup a’ Community Blend because this flavour represents our community in a sweet, notes of toffee kind of a way.


Steppler Farms
Steppler Honey Farms is a family farm located in Miami, MB. Ian and his bees make the most delicious honey we’ve ever tasted. We choose to use their honey in our homemade honey dill sauce, and many of our Small Batch Hard Ice Cream flavours.


Winkler Meats
Winkler Meats is a pork processing plant right here in Winkler, MB. If you’re eating pork here, it’s most likely from them. Winkler is famous for its farmer sausage after all, so why wouldn’t we find as many ways to use it as possible?


Manitou Bakery
Manitou Bakery delivers our freshly baked Kaiser buns twice a week. Using their secret family recipe passed down from father to son, completing our unique burger options.


Kroeker Farms
Kroeker Farms is our main produce supplier. This fast growing company grows so many kinds of potatoes, it’s hard to choose just one. But we think we know best when it comes to fries. The Potato Store is their outlet store where (when in season) we also purchase lettuce, tomato, onion and other vegetable odds n’ ends. We often find ourselves buying Notre Dame Creamery butter and Great Morning eggs from here too. It’s a one stop shop.


Spenst Bros.
Spenst Brothers Premium Meats is our local butcher. This family owned company raises, slaughters and butchers hormone-free AND steroid-free beef. We pick up freshly butchered ground beef and hand mix our famous burger recipe Every. Single. Day.