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Hi there, welcome to Charley B’s! If this if your first time with us, we believe you’re in for a real treat! We opened our patio gates in March of 2014 making this year our 9th season serving Winkler, MB and the surrounding communities. We are very excited about this fact. Our walk up service, drive in style restaurant has grown since day 1 and we are pleased to say that we focus on continued growth in our community and our industry. 

Charley B’s was founded by Charllotte Guenther (the “Charley” in Charley B’s) and Katelin Letkeman; long time friends who grew up in the neighbouring city of Morden, MB. Seeing an empty space in the community that could use a fill, we opened this little gem in Southern Manitoba. That space being a restaurant that focused on serving a unique flavour experience using quality, local ingredients. Southern Manitoba is known for its farmers and food producers and we just knew we had to create a restaurant with “local” in mind. 

In 2022, Katelin stepped down as a partner and Charllotte became the sole proprietor of Charley B’s. We thank Katelin for everything she put in to build Charley B’s to what it is today and Charllotte intends to continue what the 2 of them started.

We are open the warmest 8 months of Manitoba’s year, offering take-out at it’s finest. We care about serving Quality ingredients to our customers, Generosity to our community, Cooperation with our vendors and neighbours, and Leadership with our employees and our industry.

Going Local

A large part of our menu includes ingredients in our recipes from local vendors. We also love the word fresh. So much so that our slogan is LOCAL FARM FRESH. We believe that quality is not only the flavour but how an ingredient is made or grown. The ground beef for our daily made, hand pressed burgers is picked up every morning from a local butcher who farms their own cattle with no steroids or hormones. 

We believe food does not need to be over processed when we have so much fresh food, right in our backyards. We strive to serve high quality food from local farmers and producers. 

We believe knowing where our food comes from helps you and us make better, more informed decisions. See Local Partners page for more information.