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About Us

We are owned and operated by Charllotte and Katelin in efforts to create a locally owned, locally sourced restaurant that generates a sense of community in Winkler, Manitoba. Because Winkler and it’s surrounding areas specialize in farming, we decided to use that for as many of our recipes as possible. When people ask where their food is from, we can answer that question with confidence. Establishing relationships with local farmers creates that sense of community we strive for in our industry.

Going Local

A large part of our menu is made using ingredients from local suppliers and fresh components. We pick up our beef in the mornings and mix our recipe the same day for the freshest beef burgers possible. Our French fries are fresh cut and cooked to order for your enjoyment. We believe that food does not need to be processed when we have so much of it right in our backyards. We strive to serve the highest quality foods from local farmers and producers. Knowing what we are serving and what you are eating makes for a healthier meal and it doesn’t hurt the environment either.